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There are various companies in Kenya that are doing well and have originated in Kenya. Here top six such companies along with their shareholders are being mentioned that are registered as a Kenyan company. Only those companies which are genuinely and truly of Kenyan origin are discussed below and this is the reason why Standard Chartered Bank and Barclays Bank of Kenya are excluded. Listed below are top six Kenyan companies.

1. Kenyan Airways (C.E.O: Titus Naikuni): The Kenyan Airways was founded in 1997 and today it is one of the biggest air carrier in the African continent. This company has a really big name in Kenya as well as in other countries. After privatization in the year 1966 this became a public-private company and its shareholders include the following. Barclays bank Kenya nominees limited 2.5% Mansukhlal Khetshi Shah 2.03% Apollo insurance company limited 0.94% Government of Kenya- 23% Paul Wanderi Ndungu- 3.32% Shah Mahendra Shah 0.92% Kumar Shah 1.26% KLM has a 26% ownership Khetshi Dharamshi and company limited 1.13% Rameshchandra Shah 1.01%

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2. Safaricom limited (C.E.O: Bob Collymore): Safaricom is a mobile phone and communication company in Kenya with about 18 million subscribers. It is a well known company in east and central apart from its popularity in Kenya. This telecom service provider is not so cheap for the users in comparison to Airtel and Orange, but what has brought up its popularity is the mobile money transfer service where a user can transfer money through the mobile and there are about 20,000 centers from where you can do the withdrawals. Vodafone which is an UK based company, own 40% of the safaricom shares and the remaining is owned by individuals and corporate investors who are mostly from Kenya. 3. East African breweries limited (C.E.O: Seni Adetu): This firm was founded in the year 1922 and is a big name in Kenya and east African countries. This is firm that manufactures alcoholic beverages and is one of the top wine brands and its products can be seen in every Kenyan bar. Top share holders of this firm are listed below. Barclays Kenya nominees account 3.06% Guinness Overseas limited 2.61% Diageo holdings 4.60% N.S.S.F board of trustees 4.82% Karsandas babla 2% Diageo Kenya limited 42.82% Kenya reinsurance corporation limited 1.38%

4. Kenya commercial bank limited (C.E.O: Martin Oduor Otieno): This is a financial and banking service provider and have individuals, corporate as well as business persons as its clients. It has customers from the east African countries too. The assets of the firm are about $2.65 billion and the bank has a branch network of about 168 branches in Kenya. The share stocks of KCB are listed in the Nairobi securities exchange and are also cross listed in the Uganda securities exchange. The share holders of KCB are as follows. Kcb staff pension fund 3.43% Sunil Narshi Shah 2.23% Cfc stanbic nominees 1.53% Icdc investment company 5.04% Government of Kenya 26.23% N.S.S.F 4.74%

5. Equity bank limited (C.E.O: James Mwangi): This is also an indigenous Kenyan bank like the KCB. It started in the year 1984 and today it possesses assets of worth $1.7 billion and has more than 6 million customers. The difference between this bank and other banks in Kenya is that it targets customers who earn low in comparison to the economy of the country. It provides cheap financial services like loans and mortgages. This initiative of the bank has helped many poor people to get benefited from services like loans and mortgages. Top share holders of this bank are as follows. Equity bank employees 5.52% John Kagema Mwangi 6.29% James Mwangi (current C.E.O) 7.32% Fortress Highlands Limited 3.72% Nelson Muguku Njoroge 8.3% Andrew Kimani 4.02% Peter Munga 3.2% British American Investment Company 14.75% Africap limited 5.52% Mary Wamae 1.97% 6. Nation media group (C.E.O: Linus Gitahi): This is a top media company in the east and central Africa. It has headquarters at Nairobi central business district and it is a leader in electronic and print media all across the east African region. It has subsidiaries in Uganda and Tanzania. This media company is a project started by Aga Khan and he is the majority shareholder.

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